gg - The 5 top casino etiquettes for gamblers Casino Gambling 

The 5 top casino etiquettes for gamblers

Before you get into a casino, you must always keep in mind that just like any other respected establishment the casino is guided by a set of rules that form the casino etiquettes. These are rules that have been more or less agreed upon therefore they will seldom vary from one casino to the other. It’s therefore important for every patron visiting the casino to be fully conversant with and adhere to these rules.

In this article we’ll highlight the 5 top etiquettes every gambler must be aware of and practice.

1 The casino’s dress code must be respected

Every gambler planning to visit any casino must make a point of finding out all there is to find out about the casino especially the dress code before they pay a visit to the establishment. The reality is that if you go to an established casino with the wrong dress code, there is a very high probability that you will be denied entry and that can be very embarrassing.

2 Patience is a virtue in a casino

When you get on to a casino floor and to the table of your choice, never let the excitement from the building adrenaline in your body make you disruptive. You should seat patiently and wait for the dealer to give you your turn. The same applies for the slots machines as you must be patient until your turn to play comes.

3 Always respect your fellow patrons

When on the casino floor, you must always be fully aware that there are also other patrons who have gone there to have a good time therefore you must not be the reason for them not enjoying their time there. Always avoid any type of behavior that will be disruptive to others from being loud, to a bad seating posture and even brining the wrong kind of food to the table.

gg2 - The 5 top casino etiquettes for gamblers

4 Don’t bring your electronics with you

One of the major things players hate while on the casino floor is disruption and the biggest culprit here is electronic devices such as phones going off every now and then. It’s therefore a good idea to leave your electronic gadgets behind when you take you are planning to take a seat on the table with other players. You don’t want to be the person responsible for disrupting the flow of the game.

5 Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game

Before you make your way onto the casino floor, you must ensure that you are familiar with how the games you intend to participate in are played. There won’t be time for the dealer or any other player to do this for you once the game starts therefore avoid disrupting the game’s flow by learning how it’s played beforehand.

It’s a good idea to take your time and internalize these basic rules so that the next time you are at a casino you don’t behave in a way that makes you look amateurish.

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nn1 - Gambling - 4 trends in sports betting Gambling Sports Betting Trends 

Gambling – 4 trends in sports betting

Sports betting has quickly grown to become one of the go to forms of gambling globally attracting millions of new gamblers globally mostly because of the fact that many gamblers are winning big from it. Many gamblers also like it a lot because you don’t have to know how to play a particular sport or even enjoy it all you need to know are insights about the teams involved and be able to make an informed bet.

We are going to look at 4 trends in sports betting in relation to the type of gamblers it’s attracting.

nn2 - Gambling - 4 trends in sports betting

1 The professional gambler

The professional gambler in sports betting is the category of gamblers who have taken the time to understand how it works including how the bookies calculate and set the odds. This individual will take their time to make careful considerations about the sport, the teams involved, what is likely to influence the end result of the match up, and the potential return. It’s only after all these considerations and a level of confidence that things are in their favor that they will place their bet.

2 The casual gambler

The casual gambler is one who has chosen not to get too emotional about winning or losing. Whereas they enjoy the sports they wager on, they will only wager once in a while especially during games they feel more confident about winning, and when their favorite teams are playing. The casual gambler is likely to lose most of his/her bets because they don’t employ strategy when gambling.

nn3 - Gambling - 4 trends in sports betting

3 The regular gambler

As far as putting bookies in business is concerned, theseare the types of gamblerswho will put bookies in businessbecause of their regular gambling which can even be on a daily basis. For most of them, staking their money on different sports is just a part of their daily routine therefore they won’t employ much strategy as they do it therefore they will often register loses. What is most exciting for them is the thrill of gambling.

4 The obsessive gambler

The obsessive gambler is one who has simply shifted their gambling addiction into sports betting. Most of them will engage in sports betting as a way of escape and in most cases place wagers on games simply because they can’t help it. This they will do without thinking much about strategy, as for them it’s about scratching an itch.

It’s always a good idea to remember that sports betting is just like any other form of casino gambling therefore it requires a proper strategy and understanding how it works. At the end of the day, if you are not doing it the professional way then you better get prepared for the loses.

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gambl - The 5 basic rules for every gambler Casino Gambling 

The 5 basic rules for every gambler

Gambling is a pastime as well as professional activity that has been assumed to be for risk takers. This however is not necessarily true because anyone engaging in gambling needs a strong sense of personal discipline as this is the only way you can keep enjoying the experience.

In this article we are going to look at 5 basic rules that every gambler must adhere to in order for them to be successful.

bd - The 5 basic rules for every gambler

1 You must have a gambling budget

Before you decide to go gambling, whether you do it every weekend or every month, you need to prepare a budget and set aside an amount that you will have to stick to. You must then ensure that the moment you exhaust that amount, that’s the end of your gambling escapades until the next time you are doing your budgeting. This will ensure that you maintain financial discipline as you gamble.

2 Never stake what you can’t afford to lose

When it comes to gambling, one of the biggest rules is that you mustn’t bet an amount you are not comfortable with losing. This in essence means that you should never enter into a casino, whether conventional or online, carrying money that was meant for something important. You will just be attracting a lot of heartache.

3 Never borrow money to gamble with

The reality about gambling is that you are more likely to lose money than you are to win it therefore it’s a very bad idea to borrow money to gamble with because you can be guaranteed of falling into debt. If you don’t have money for gambling then you better stay away from the casino, plain and simple.

time - The 5 basic rules for every gambler

4 You must always limit your gambling time

Whichever gambling game you are playing, you must always realize that it will require you to have a very sharp mind so that you don’t make unnecessary mistakes during game play. It’s therefore a good idea not to spend too much time gambling continuously so that you can give your mind and body a much needed break to relax and recuperate.

5 You must learn to quit while ahead

The key to walking out of a casino with your winnings intact is learning to quit while ahead and this will require an element of self-control and taming of your greed. As long as you have managed to break even and gotten a little bit extra on the top, you must quit and head home. If you don’t chances are that you will lose it all on your next bet.

If you put these basic gambling rules into practice in whichever casino games you enjoy playing, you can consider it as the first move towards being a successful gambler.

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playing - Creative ways to enjoy free online slot games in your browser Casino Gambling Slot Games 

Creative ways to enjoy free online slot games in your browser

It’s always a good idea to first learn how to play casino games before you can start gambling with your real money. The good news is that there are a number of fun and creative ways you can do this for free, without having to go through the hustle of signing up to an online casino. Whichever casino game it is from slot games, to poker, and so on, you can be able to learn the rules and get enough practice so that by the time you get to the real thing, you are on your way to becoming a pro.

In this article we’ll look at 2 PC games you can play that will give you an opportunity to enjoy free online slot games right from your browser.

Screenshot 2018 5 23 The Kingdom of Loathing - Creative ways to enjoy free online slot games in your browser

1 Playing the Kingdom of Loathing PC game

As far as getting an opportunity to practice your gambling skills is concerned there is no game that beats Kingdom of Loathing. This game enables you to raise the stakes and enjoy a good gambling experience without having to risk a dime of your own money. The game which can even be played on the browser if you don’t want to download it enables you to pick out a character that has a bunch of fake money which you need to earn through playing the game. You can then use your character to play a number of casino games such as slot games, roulette or poker. It’s a very fun and interesting way to learn how to play slots because the rules are exactly the same as those in a real casino.

fallout - Creative ways to enjoy free online slot games in your browser

2 Playing the Fallout New Vegas PC game

The designers of the Fallout New Vegas were very deliberate when they included a gambling element in this awesome game. The game has been set in Vegas and it’s all about surviving a post apocalypse era. What however are still intact are casinos in Las Vegas where you can actually take your character into, to enjoy a little bit of gambling. With the money that your character has collected throughout the game, you can take them to any of the casinos where you will use them to play slot games, blackjack and roulette among others. You get to experience a very realistic casino scenario only difference being you are using a game character and fake money. The beauty is that you don’t have to install this game on your PC as you can play it right from your browser.

These games are likely to be enjoyed by people who are already into online games. You’ll however end up getting surprised as to how they can be addictive even though you thought you were not into PC games. Be sure to try them out.

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img1 - Here's why you may never win in gambling Casino Gambling 

Here’s why you may never win in gambling

It’s always every gambler’s desire to get one over the house and walk away with the big win however, the reality is that when it comes to gambling, there are more losers than there are winners. It never really matters whether you are doing your gambling in an online casino or at the conventional casino, the rules are always the same and they state that the odds will always favor the house.

This article will look at some of the 3 main reasons why you may never win in gambling.

img2 - Here's why you may never win in gambling

1 The need to maintain profit margins

You have to realize that the casino is a business enterprise and they make their money when gamblers lose. Therefore, for the casino to maintain its huge profit margins, they have to ensure that there are more losers than winners otherwise they will go out of business. The casinos will therefore invest heavily in creative ways of enticing gamblers to spend all their cash on the floor.

2 The odds are stacked in favor of the casino

This is why you should have paid more attention in math class when the teacher was talking about probability assuming that you are into gambling. This is because literally every game you play on the casino floor has its odds stacked in favor of the house. Truth be told however, gambling is actually made more exciting because of this fact.

img3 - Here's why you may never win in gambling

3 The house advantage

This is essentially related to the pint above about odds. As a general rule in gambling, the house is meant to have an upper hand over the gamblers and therefore the onus is on the gamblers to work towards winning the casino. This is what is commonly referred to as the house advantage. Casinos will therefore invest significantly in both personnel and technology to ensure that they seldom lose.

We would however like to point out that this doesn’t mean you can’t win in gambling, if you can figure out how to neutralize the house advantage with a good strategy as well as a good mastery of your favorite casino game, you can definitely win.

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securit3 - This is what you need to know about casino safety Casino Gambling 

This is what you need to know about casino safety

One of the biggest investments in casinos is usually on safety and security as the casino seeks to plug any potential holes that may result in loss in revenue either through fraudulent staff or customers. The security departments in most major casinos are actually believed to be larger than police divisions in most small towns.

Through this article we’ll point out two things you should be aware of about casino safety especially before you visit a brick and motor casino.

security2 - This is what you need to know about casino safety

The human level security

In most reputable casinos, there is always a need to strategically project safety at the same time not have too many security personnel present that patrons feel intimidated. It’s for this reason that the security team will be embedded into the floor team. This not only makes most of them invisible, it also puts them at a better position to respond to situations much quicker. The work of the security team will be primarily to protect the millions of dollars that have been invested in the casino as well its patrons.

security1 - This is what you need to know about casino safety

The technology level security

It’s common knowledge that humans will always have limitations and this is why casinos have heavily invested in technology to boost their security. This means that most notable casinos will have state of the art electronic surveillance systems to complement the human security teams. You will of course notice a few cameras just meant to let you know that you are under surveillance but there are hundreds more that are concealed. Casinos will rarely have spots that are not under surveillance therefore you shouldn’t get carried away and try any mischief because there is someone always watching everything.

Generally as long as you are in a casino to enjoy a fun gambling experience then you have nothing to worry about these security elements in fact, they should make you more comfortable. However, if you are up to some mischief then you better think twice.

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